A lot of materials on this topic are presented on the Internet, but most of them retell the same thing, but in other words. Therefore, this material is very concise and precise. It includes links to authoritative resources were you can find the confirmation.

Neva masquerade kitten is a variety of Siberian kitten that has blue eyes and a color similar to Siamese or Thai cats. Among them are also dark and light colors. The World Cat Federation (WCF, World Cat Federation) does not distinguish Neva masquerade as a separate breed. As for December 2019, WCF classifies Neva masquerade kitten as Siberian kitten (SIB) and establishes the same standards and requirements to them as for Siberian cats.

The breed standards of WCF in English are available on the WCF website.

Neva masquerade cats are considered centenarians.

An important moment in the health of Neva masquerade kittens is their genetic tree. It is important to make sure that there was no cross between Persian blood in genetic tree. This directly affects the quality of the coat and the health of the animal.

It is not advertised, but it is believed (according to experience) among the breeders that Neva masquerade kittens cause allergies a little more often than their traditional relatives. But this does not mean that the allergy will appear 100% for a Siberian kitten, but not for a traditional Siberian kitten. Each specific case requires a special attitude. Read more about allergies to Neva and Siberian kittens in the article.

Neva masquerade kittens are so much favorite because of their color and variety in masks on their faces. But still it’s worth choosing a kitten not only in appearance, but also in character and genetics. Read more about this in the article “How to choose a Siberian and Neva masquerade kitten?”.

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