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Zhenevieva Valenika
Champion WCF
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Advantages of buying a kitten from us
  • WCF registration
  • Veterinary passport
  • Microchipped kittens
  • EU delivery
  • Kittens pedigree

Wait List 2021:

1. Gattout H/ (France) - male;

2. Volga (Belarus) - female;

3. Raluca (France) - female/male;

4. Eugenia (EU) - male;

4. Sergey (Belarus).


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How to reserve a traditional Siberian kitten 

On April 26, 2020 three gorgeous traditional Siberian kittens were born. You can reserve a kitten by making a 50% prepayment. Kittens can be moved to a new place since August. Up-to-date information and everyday photo and video materials are available on Instagram.